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Events Submission Requirements

The following requirements should be followed in order to provide our viewers the best experience possible. We will monitor our current listings and remove from the site if the information is not complete.

  • You must have a Descriptive Title distinguish your event from others
  • Please give a detailed description of your event. You may enter pictures and links within the description.
  • Choose a category that best fits your event. (if a category you need does not exist contact us.)
  • You must provide an event image for your event. This will show as a thumbnail on our home page of upcoming events and will display full size in the event details.
  • Time: check the box if it is an all day event; otherwise enter the start and end times along with the dates.
  • Add your Venue or select from the dropdown menu. Enter complete address so that google maps can give an accurate location and directions to the event
  • Provide all contact information for the event organizer
  • Provide event url &/or ticket url. We are advertising your event on our site, but want our viewers to go to your websites for more information. We will not answer questions or concerns about your event.
  • If your event has a single cost list it in the price. If not mention different prices in your description. If the event is free, type free for price.
  • You can manage your events by clicking on my listings. This will show your previously entered events. Click on the edit link.